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The teachers

Only experienced, qualified and passionate teachers

We are proud to be a school committed to academic excellence.
Our teachers are all native speaker language graduates and hold a recognized language teaching qualification (DITALS, CEDILS, Master ITALS). They all have an average of 11/12 years of teaching experience, including not less than 8 years in the school. In this way we guarantee a high standard of tuition.

Our teachers are used to different learning styles and are well aware of the need for flexible teaching methods, especially with classes of mixed age, nationality and motivation. Improving a student’s communication skills involves working on linguistic goals and socio-cultural adaptation, developing learning and communication strategies, emphasizing sentence coherence and cohesion, and focusing on meaning first, and then structure.

We encourage our students to avoid simply imitating structures and to express themselves through their own linguistic creativity. Our teachers regularly attend teaching refresher programmes organised by our teaching coordinator, who also supervises the tests we use to chart the progress of our students during courses

Presenting our great teachers to you:


I love my job and I am still doing it with the same passion as on the first day. Teaching Italian is the nicest job in the world! I like traveling and reading a lot. Teaching Italian to foreigners allows me to travel across different cultures and countries. What I really like is the contact with students, sharing opinions and thoughts through direct exchanges. I am learning something new from my students each day: this is a continuous enrichment. Teaching Italian is then for me a great journey of discovering new horizons.
Outside work, I like going to the theatre and I am passionate about classical music.


I love teaching Italian! Through this work I would like to convey to my students not only the language, but also the culture and traditions of my country. Teaching is my greatest passion which I combine every day with my love for the study of foreign languages, such as German, French and English. I have always been a person who liked linguistics and literature, and in addition to being an avid reader, I have also previously worked for a radio station, mainly dealing with cinema and music.
Later I moved to Switzerland to work in an intercultural library which focused on spreading the official languages of the country, one of them being Italian. I never stop studying and exploring different and new learning methods, and I cannot wait to meet new students coming from every part of the world. Italian is the language of art, cooking, fashion, cinema and more: I would like for each of my students to be able to learn Italian with enthusiasm and passion, all the while having fun.


I have studied as an anthropologist, and the I started teaching Italian: I am very passionate and enthusiastic about my work!
I love teaching, beacuse it gives me the possibility to know people coming from all over the world. This make me consider all things from different point of views and I can say that every day I learn something new.
I am also passionate about music, literature, aerial dance, travelling, photography and chocolate!


I like to think of teaching as a sharing experience, where both teachers and students can learn from each other. It is a rewarding profession that I have loved from the very first minute and it has brought me nothing but joy. During class I like to create a positive learning environment in order to help students achieve their language goals while having fun.
I was born and raised in Bologna, and I strongly believe that studying here is a brilliant opportunity for all those people who want to live the “Italian experience” to the fullest!

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.... and many more reasons to study with us...

1. we are one of only a few schools in Italy to be a centre for excellence admitted to join IALC (the award-winning association of independent language schools that teach the language of their country)

2. We are renowned for our exceptional quality in teaching and teacher training, and our courses are very competitively priced

3. We are the only school in Bologna to have our own self-catering, student residence, only 5 minutes’ walk to school. A low cost convenient quality option

4. Fewer international students and fewer language schools are in Bologna which means a better choice of carefully selected homestay hosts

5. Excellent mix of nationalities - 37 in 2016 - and ages

6. Weekly attendance and progress reports are available; formal bi-weekly progress feedback from teachers and regular tutorials to ensure students achieve study goals in the shortest time

7. Extensive and highly-developed social programme available all year round, providing excellent opportunities for students to contextualise skills learnt in class, boosting student commitment and motivation