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Basic techniques course of Italian cuisine

Hands on cooking classes with our professional Chefs right in the heart of the Italian Food Valley: Emilia Romagna

These classes are designed to show you the secrets of Italian cuisine. Secrets that spring from the diverse histories of the country’s various places, all of which boast numerous regional and local specialties.
Qualified chefs will help you prepare superb dishes, step by step.

The basic techniques are learned ‘over the stove‘ and at the end of each session there is the opportunity to taste exquisite combinations of food and wine. The whole process is then summarized in a cookbook for you to take away, which lists the techniques you have used and developed.

Our classes are held in our state-of-the-art fully equipped professional kitchen (with twelve individual workstations, a complete roster of utensils and appliances, and …a magnificent view on the famous Bologna roofs).

NB: these courses run all year round at fixed dates and classes may be hold together Italian people. Any module runs with a minimum of 4 people enrolled

Our ITALIAN PLUS COOKING ( is designed just for our international students attending morning lessons of Italian language and take place despite the number of students who have booked

The Italian cuisine through regional menus

DETAILS: A 360° tour through the Italian peninsula menus. We like calling it “1000 km” (it is after all the distance between the Alps and Sicily) because it enhances and revises the endless national gastronomy through its regional variations. We strictly respect the products seasonality and pay a rigorous attention in selecting quality raw material (DOP, IGP, PAT, encouraging slow food, etc.).
This will be a tour of Italy and of the authentic Italian tastes and flavours.

DATES: please check the updated schedule here

Tailor made programmes - “Just you and the Chef”

This is the most customized option. The programme is completely based on your individual needs and adapts immediately to take account of the developments you have made. Experience has shown us that this type of course guarantees the very best results and progress. Both the content and timing of this course can be adapted to suit the student’s requirements. Suggested to those who wish to perfect their cooking abilities in a brief period and with a full immersion.

If two people are interested in taking lessons together, the two-to-one option offers a great opportunity in both financial and learning terms.
DATES: all year round on demand ! Contents and schedule can be customized and tailor made
PRICES: special rates for Italian language students

About the course

Length: Each session is made of 6 evening meetings

Time: from 19:30 to 22:30 PM (we are flexible, it depends on the preparation time)

Frequency: once per week

Content: Each lesson provides the elaboration of a 3-4/ course full menu. You will learn and apply the general technics that are part of our philosophy “hands on”- learn by doing, taught & guided by our qualified chef.

The 6 Menus of each season are completely different. They follow the seasonality of raw materials that you will learn to choose and use.

Participants: maximum 10, average 4-6

Proceedings: You will start with a theoretical introduction before moving on to the concrete preparation of the different dishes that compose the menu of each day. Each participant works at his own emplacement with the appropriate cooking tools under the chef’s supervision and demonstration

Tasting: At the end of the preparations, the participants will be able to taste their creations and will be able to comment the work together with the group and the instructing chef.

Food Pairing: a wine that suits the menu of the day is include


Autumn 2018
6-13-20-27 November
4-11 December

Winter 2019
5-12-19-26 February
5-12 March

Spring and Summer 2019
2-9-16-23-30 April
7-21-28 May
4-11-18-25 June