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Courses general introduction and information

All you need to know about our courses

Our Italian courses are designed for all foreigners wishing to approach our language and increase their knowledge of it for personal or professional reasons.


We offer a wide range of courses, all intensive (minimum 23 hours/week) that all include a solid base of general Italian learning. Depending on your reasons for learning Italian, you can then choose one on the multiple add-ons and/or specialised courses that we offer!

The Italian Courses respect the methodology of ALCE which favours high quality and professional teaching in an informal environment.


Teaching integrates the communicative methods for basic grammar and syntax, with an innovative use of audio, video and authentic materials.

But what really makes the difference is the teacher-student relationship

. There is nothing that can influence teaching more positively: all of our teachers tailor their teaching as far as possible to the needs of each and every student.

Our academic system is structured to ensure all weak points are identified and dealt with effectively.

We can monitories the students in their progress in learning.


The Italian Course is organised by levels to respond to the different needs of the participants.

The ALCE teaching programme operates through a series of levels and modules according to the European Common Framework.

On the first day, you will take both a written and oral placement test. It takes approximately one hour to complete. Each student is evaluated by the Director of Studies to gain an accurate measure of his or her language abilities, including oral ability. Based on this the test results, you will be then placed in a class appropriate to your level of Italian.
Every day student can report anytime to the school in case they fell they do not fit in their level.

Levels and theatrical number of weeks to complete a level:

levels CEF Levels ALCE Levels CILS n. of weeks
A1 - Breakthrough Beginner A1 1
A1 - Waystage Elementary A1 4
A2 - Waystage Pre-intermediate A2 5
B1 - Thresold Intermediate UNO 7
B2 - Vantage Upper-Intermediate DUE 9
C1 - EOP Advanced TRE 12/16
C2 - Mastery Upper Advanced QUATTRO 12/16

NB: Keep in mind that it can vary as it always depends on your aptitude but also on your mother tongue and how different it is from Italian!


Students progress through levels through the satisfactory completion of a previous level of study.
Should a student not happen to successfully complete a level in full, he/her will be required to repeat the necessary course components in order to acquire and absorb properly all the different skills. In that case, note that the student will NOT repeat the exact same programme. We have at least 2 whole set of alternative programmes per level on that purpose.


  • Courses run from Monday to Friday
  • Non-beginners can start any Monday, beginners once a month (see pricelist for starting dates)
  • Students per class: 8 maximum | average 3-5
  • Students per class mini-group: 2-3 persons
  • Duration of 1 lesson: 60 minutes
  • Levels : A1 to C1+<
  • Our guarantee: we run all our courses & never reduce the number of class hours with any number of students, from 1 to 8 (except for 30 hours courses i.e. super intensive & business- if less than 2 students of same level, we provide 5 one to one lessons instead of 10 group lessons).


  • 3 hours of weekly workshops whenever timetable matches (see below)
  • Daily homework and self-study
  • Extra homework (exercise book given to students that they give back every Friday for correction)
  • 2 workshops per week (extra 3 hours), if it matches the timetable but they are compatible with almost all courses.
    IMPORTANT, OUR “PLUS”: The timetables are made, whenever possible, so that all students can take advantage of them to encourage maximum practice! It can be though be difficult for those doing 30 hours to make timetables match, but we try!
  • Regular test (written and spoken) every 2 weeks & test at the end of every level module.
    - These tests are extremely comprehensive and include written comprehension, written composition, oral comprehension, grammar and syntax, dialogue and conversation.
  • Final certificate of attendance and knowledge + full academic personalised report assessment of all aspects of student progress: commitment, participation, understanding, speed of learning, difficulties encountered and also tailor made suggestions that assist the student to overcome obstacles and to fill identified learning gaps.
  • 3-4 activities accompanied by a teacher = informal conversation sessions outside the school (details in dedicated section)