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Italian PLUS Cooking

Learn Italian' secret recipes with professional chefs

The Italian PLUS COOKING (and / or WINE TESTING) course combines the General Italian Intensive Course with cooking lessons, wine tasting lessons or the combination of them (6, 9 or 12 hours per week- meaning 2, 3 or 4 cooking sessions, in addition to morning classes)

Key points

  • Cooking and Wine Tasting classes are always guaranteed
  • The course is always held, even with only one student
  • The course runs, despite the number of the enrolled students, from 1 up to 3 times per week
  • The menu and the type of wines can be defined according to the students' needs and interest
  • The schedule is flexible too (notice in advance and based on the availability of classrooms and chefs)

Please be aware that

  • STANDARD COOKING classes, may be part of the ordinary social programme but are offered just once or twice a month (and not more than one time per week) in the framework of the social programme, as an extra activity that students can choose on spot
  • The menu and the wines are defined by the school and cannot be modified
  • The course is held with a minimum of 4 students, therefore it cannot be guaranteed in advance (and it happens very often)
  • But the ITALIAN PLUS, is not a private course and you buy also the choice, the guarantee and the priority
  • If you want NOT to share with others (who might join the session on spot and at last minute) or accept the risk of NOT having all the classes in the selected dates, YOU should apply for the Italian PLUS COURSE
  • Private lessons (totally one on one, you and the chef) are available; please ask for a quote

26 to 29 hours per week

This Italian ‘Plus’ Course combines our highly popular General Italian intensive Course with cooking lessons (and possibly also combined with wine tasting sessions). Getting you involved, this unique add-on programme will give you an even broader understanding of the Italian language at a deeper cultural level.

Hands on cooking classes with our professional Chefs right in the heart of the Italian Food Valley: Emilia Romagna

These classes are designed to show you the secrets of Italian cuisine. Secrets that spring from the diverse histories of the country’s various places, all of which boast numerous regional and local specialties. Qualified chefs will help you prepare superb dishes, step by step.

The basic techniques are learned over the stove and at the table and at the end of each session there is the opportunity to taste exquisite combinations of food and wine.

The whole process is then summarised in a cookbook for you to take away, which lists the techniques you have used and developed.

NEW: From October 2015, classes are held in our state-of-the-art fully equipped professional kitchen (with twelve individual workstations, a complete roster of utensils and appliances, and... a magnificent view on the famous Bologna roofs)

Course fact file:

  • 16 years old+
  • 1-4 weeks
  • Level: A1+ (elementary+)
  • 20 hours of General Italian + 6 OR 9 hours of cooking lessons per week OR Italian with a mix of Cooking & Wine i.e. + 6 hours of cooking + 3h of wine tasting
  • 9 AM-1:15 PM + cooking lessons confirmed on site (usually 7/10 pm)
  • 8 persons per class for Italian – 1-12 for the cooking lessons
  • Starting dates: any week, on demand

Dates & Fees and/or Apply now

About the course

• 3 classes per week (9 hours per week)
• duration of each daily session : 3 hours
• 2 monthly starting dates all year round
• 3 monthly starting dates in June, July and September
• minimum 3, maximum 12 students per class
• the cooking classes ‘add-on’ can be combined with our wine tasting course

Whats does the course include:
• 1/2 Day Cooking Class
• courses taught by professional chefs in our fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen
• Complete final Lunch or Dinner
• Local Wine during final meal
• personal insurance
• ALCE apron
• digital cookbook with Italian recipes

Combination Course

Food & Wine

The cooking classes ‘add-on’ can be combined with our wine tasting course taught by our certified Sommeliers:

• 3 classes per week (9 hours per week)
• 2 days of cooking +
• 1 day of wine tasting