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Alce staff

Our multicultural competent and attentive staff

Rossana: school director & director of studies

I have spent almost 16 years of my life “building” this school, which I am very proud of!
Before starting this marvelous and enriching travel I wouldn’t have thought to achieve such a great goal in a so, relatively, short time.
Nowadays that we are one of the most reliable and accredited language schools in Italy, I still think, in every single moment, how to face new challenges, how to improve the services, how to make “the Alce experience” even more memorable and unforgettable for our students.
Our reputation is based not only on our hard commitment to academic excellence, but also to student satisfaction.
There is nothing much rewarding than meeting, year after year, our former students who return to Bologna for the second or third time, joining again the Alce family.
Hearing that they fill ALCE as their “home away from home” , is the biggest prize I can get from my job, which has become a passion and a life style. Among the others, my personal hobbies are... my puppies and relax with gardening activities.

Luca: school co-director, accommodation manager, admissions & visa

I never forget that we started out with an incredibly small base, almost the size of a small apartment. A few years after that we expanded our school to two locations and in March 2011, on our 10th anniversary, we finally moved into our present premises. In many ways this represents an important milestone in ALCE’s history, apart from a very central and attractive position, the school offers an up-to-date structure both education and equipment wise. However, it is very important for me that ALCE’s constant rise in quality and services has never changed our main characteristic - being a family run business, where focus on the individual is essential and ever present. This has always been one of the most important goals for me and my wife Rossana who is the “real boss” around here and has contributed so much to this school.
In my free time, I just love taking my dogs for long walks ; also I like travelling, scuba diving and reading (especially historical novels). But my strong passions are cooking delicious dishes and tasting international wines

Agnese: marketing manager, promotion and agents contact

I have been working at ALCE for a long time. I like my job at ALCE for its variety, multicultural atmosphere and the possibility to always meet new students. I love to see their progress & evolution in the language.
I used to work as a Director of Studies and Teacher of Italian, what I liked very much. I currently deal with Marketing and I keep contacts with our Agents.
I specially enjoy the creative part of my work, which is challenging but also full of satisfactions!
I am a happy mum and wife, passionate about history, literature and interior design. I also like drawing, organising dinners with my friends, going to the gym and shopping! Between work and family, I have quite a busy life!
Languages spoken: Italian, English, French and Russian.

Francesca: co-director of studies and teacher

Teaching Italian has always allowed me to be in contact with what happens in the world, day by day, and has given me the possibility to learn, update and grow both from a professional and personal point of view. Teaching Italian gives me also the opportunity to know other cultures and mine, and to learn from them.
Teaching is for me like writing was for Emilio Salgari, who said: “Writing is travelling without the problem of luggage”.
I am passionate about reading, music, cinema. I like good cooking, especially Italian and regional cooking, but I like tasting new food as well.

Anna: students’ welfare activities manager and administration

Hi! My name is Anna and I joined Alce very recently. I'm in charge of courses' booking and many other secretariat activities.
I love working here since I deal with people coming from all over the world. One of the perks of living in Bologna is that it is surrounded by beautiful hills; I can’t wait to make long walks with Alce students discovering breathtaking natural sceneries. In my spare time I love doing different sports: first of all, hiking with my dog, then skiing, swimming, biking. But I also love dining out in good restaurants with my friends, and when I'm tired, watching a good movie lying on the couch!

Welcome at ALCE

As ALCE is a medium size family-run-school, each and every member is committed to the well-being of the students, creating and maintaining a friendly, relaxed and encouraging environment.

ALCE employs full-time administrative staff dedicated to their work – they arrange accommodation, cultural activities, bookings.

ALCE is recognised for its “open door policy” to address any student problem or question.
For this reason each day at school students find themselves in an environment where they can express their point of view about the course, accommodation as well as during the social activities, simply through an informal chat with any staff member (from the teachers to the Director who is constantly present and available)

Together, we makes sure all of our students are having a great stay: meaning feeling good in the school, their accommodation and in Bologna.