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Annual calendar

What’s happening in Bologna? Enjoy the richness of the city while studying Italian!

Here is a page we put together just for you to know about the main events happening in Bologna all year round. Just to give you an idea, Bologna has:

  • 56 Theatres/Auditoriums
  • 51 Museums
  • 121 Libraries
  • 6 Museum specialised in Music
  • 5 Libraries specialised in Music

So, you would guess these are just the biggest ones, but there is much more going on in the city!

From: Nov 4, 2016 - To: Mar 19, 2017.

Palazzo Pepoli - Museum of history Bologna

The exhibition Hugo Pratt e Corto Maltese

Celebrates Hugo Pratt and 50 years of his alter ego Corto Maltese: a twentieth century literary myth, an anti-hero born at La Valletta in 1887 to an English sailor and an Andalusian gypsy, 1.83 metres tall with honey-coloured eyes and a ring in his left ear; a romantic mariner and gentleman of fortune, who haunted the dreams of generations of readers.

From: Nov 25, 2016 - To: May 7, 2017.

Salvador Dalì in a completely novel exhibition experience.

A major event that unveils the lesser-known aspects of the genius Salvador Dalì in a completely novel exhibition experience.

From: Feb 24, 2017 - To: Jun 25, 2017.

Palazzo Fava - Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

Costruire il Novecento. Capolavori della Collezione Giovanardi

Ninety works from the Giovanardi Collection made by the most important Italian painters active between the two World Wars.

From: 8/04/2017 - To: 7/01/2018

Palazzo Pepoli. Museo della Storia di Bologna

La Macchina del Tempo - The first virtual tour through Bologna's Middle Ages

The new 3D exhibition at the Museum of the History of Bologna. It is a virtual tour that takes visitors back in time, so they can experience the Bologna of the 13th century. A computer, two projectors and a viewer catapult visitors into a fully immersive experience. They walk through a perfectly reconstructed 3D scene, along streets or beneath the medieval towers of Bologna. The virtual extension of the city is about 2 km², with more than 1000 buildings (houses, 88 towers and churches), recreated in their exact original locations and with a great attention to detail.

From: Apr 11, 2017 - To: Sep 17, 2017

Palazzo Albergati

Joan Mirò

The painter, sculptor and ceramist Joan Miró—one of the most significant Spanish artists of all time—is revealed in the exhibition MIRÓ! Sogno e colore (dream and colour), that features over 130 of the artist’s oil paintings, drawings and sculptures. 

From: Jun 24, 2017 - To: Jul 1, 2017

Il cinema Ritrovato, thirty years of emotions

Il Cinema Ritrovato is turning thirty this year. Today it takes five screens to show all the films and Piazza Maggiore can hardly contain our increasingly international and enthusiastic audience. We will celebrate with our time-machine journey, back to 1896 and from there across the entire 20th century; and with a space machine that will take us on a journey across European, Latin-American, US, Asian and African films. This year’s edition will be full of certainties and surprises: eight days of screenings in five theaters, from morning till night; eight nights in the world’s most extraordinary cinema in the world, Piazza Maggiore, and three in the magic intimacy of Piazzetta Pasolini; over four hundred films and twenty programs.

Mid June to Mid August 2017 - official dates to be released

Sotto le stelle del cinema - Cinema under the stars

Almost 50 summer evenings in one of the most beautiful theatre in the world. 'Sotto le stelle del Cinema', is THE present that Cineteca Bologna (state movie library) offers every year to thousands of spectators.
The mythic Piazza Maggiore welcomes a daily open air projection after the sunset (about 21:45). From the end of June until mid-August, there is a different film every day. A great selection with famous guests.
One of the biggest screen in Europe illuminates to pay tribute to the best success and classics that have made the cinema history through the years!

From: Nov 16, 2017 - To: Nov 20, 2017

Under the sign of good chocolate - Cioccoshow

At its 12th edition, is the yearly event dedicated to high quality homemade chocolate, in Bologna from November 16th to 20th, 2017. For five days, many homemade chocolate producers are invading the heart of Bologna with their colourful and tempting stands, proposing thousand ways to enjoy the black cocoa essence. A rich programme of events, pastry lessons, and labs both for children and adults will make all sweet tooth people discover and appreciate the chocolate secrets.

November 2017 - official dates to be released

Bologna jazz Festival, the Italian Autumn Jazz event

Blends of pure jazz, contemporary music and sounds with a strong geographic connotation (Latin, African) will give a tone of creative experimentation to Bologna Jazz Festival 2016, to be held from October 27 to November 20.
The 11th edition of the Bologna Jazz Festival will take place under the banner of great exclusive concerts with icons of contemporary music and all stars bands