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Professional courses

Italian in your desired competence field

We offer a range of specialised courses made both for students that are already specialised in a field and want to learn the adequate language for their studies or future career, and also for professionals that need to enrich their competences in a determined area.

Business Italian (BI)

30 hours per week

It consists of 20 hours of intensive general Italian + 10 lessons focused on business Italian in mini-group per week (6 hours per day: 4+2).

Why business Italian? The utility of the business language is no longer to be proved. Whereas it is for studies, work, or future career plans with the Italian language, you need to be able to express yourself correctly in context. It could be simply useful for the ones who like travelling in Italy, to such simple things as writing emails for reservations or phoning to plan an arrival or solve a problem!

Course content: It is really adaptable to your needs, but here is a sample of the themes you could study:
Looking for a job, commercial correspondence, telephone manners, presentations in companies, publicity, travelling, transport and shipping, problem solving, professional fairs and seminars...

What else? The subjects are also built around cultural, international current affairs and events.

Grammar? Of course, you won’t escape a revision of the grammar, the tenses used in the business Italian are really important.

After a business course at ALCE, you will be an expert, capable of dealing with any situations!

(**) When there are less than 2 students enrolled at the same level, we guarantee, at the same price, 5 one to one afternoon classes per week

Italian for Law (LI)

25 hours per week

Consists of 20 hours of intensive general Italian + 5 private lessons focused on Italian for law per week (5 hours per day: 4+1).

Since the law field is extremely broad and cannot be covered in a thorough manner in the few available lessons, students may begin the course by planning with the instructor a programme with a narrower focus on the basis of their needs.

Who is it for? This course is designed for those students who are already experts in the field of law in their own language and who are interested in the language of law in Italian for professional reasons or study.

Content and programme? The program focuses on different areas of law, aiming at providing students with the basic vocabulary and professional expressions that are most often used. Since it is held that a dry presentation of vocabulary on the subject matter would be of little practical use, each of the fields will be covered through the analysis of "texts". After identifying the basic technical vocabulary and expressions, the student is helped to assimilate them through targeted exercises and discussions.

One to one or two to one Professional (OPI or TPI)

ONE TO ONE: The Professional Courses are addressed to those who want to begin or perfect the use of Italian language in specific fields and can be organised to suit the student's special needs: business, legal, architectural, scientific, touristic, medical, commercial, etc.

TWO TO ONE: If two people are interested in taking lessons together, the two-to-one option offers a great opportunity in both financial and educational terms, rapidly increasing communicative ability in Italian for everyday and academic use. The same (or similar) starting knowledge is required and of course the same specific field required.

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Course fact file

  • 21 years old+
  • 1-4 weeks
  • Level: B1+ (intermediate+)
  • 20 hours of General Italian in group in the morning + 10 mini-group or 5 individual lessons
  • 9 AM-1:15 PM + afternoon specialised course set upon arrival
  • 8 maximum in the morning – 2-3 persons if mini group or individual
  • Starting dates: any Monday

Personalised programmes!

It is really important to underline that having a human size, ALCE tailors all these courses depending on the requirement of the participants.
Students receive a questionnaire to fill in before their arrival to find out more about their ideas, needs and expectations and the programme will be built based on it! We are really flexible.